Mobile App Penetration Testing

NowSecure Workstation™ enables security analysts to perform their own deep-dive penetration testing on any app whether it be commercial, internally developed, or outsourced. Mobile security analysts have a toolbox of multiple open source and third party tools they use to perform deep mobile app security assessments. Combining multiple open source tools takes too much time, creates inconsistent testing environments, and offers little in the way of unified reporting. We’ve taken those tools and combined them into one product that allows you to test your apps, the device, and your backend servers to ensure the security of your apps before you deploy them.

The Gold StandardFor Mobile App Penetration Testing

Our on-premises workstation builds on leading open-source tools and combines proprietary tests from our research team into a single hardware and software toolkit built specifically for mobile app penetration testing. An intuitive interface guides analysts through static, dynamic, server-side, data storage, privacy, and permissions analysis of Android and iOS apps.

Mobile app security testing tools
Open Source Tools

Fuses the FunctionalityOf Leading Open-Source Tools

Installing, configuring, and maintaining open source software requires time and presents ongoing maintenance challenges for security teams. We've taken those worries out of the equation, resulting in a leading enterprise product specifically designed for the security analyst.

Deliver thorough security assessments by streamlining your mobile app penetration testing tools

Consistency AndScalability

Handle ever-increasing workloads and deliver consistent results in a fraction of the time. Security teams are looking to build a repeatable process that includes unified testing environments, security standards, and reporting guidelines. NowSecure offers cutting-edge technology specific to mobile so you can scale like you never have before.

NowSecure findings

Standardized ReportingAnd Remediation Instructions

Findings are ranked by severity and risk using CVSS and mapped to CWE information, NIAP criteria, and other industry guidelines. Easy-to-understand instructions for remediating defects and security issues help developers and security professionals fix flaws quickly prior to deployment.

Learn AboutOur Latest Release

The latest update to NowSecure Lab Workstation features powerful new tests for iOS and Android. For example, Interactive Proxy allows users to intercept, inspect, modify, and replay all requests submitted by the application to any backend service during the communication process. This test is just one of 40+ included in our kit.

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Interactive Proxy mockup

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