World’s Fastest Automated Mobile App Security Testing

NowSecure AUTO™ is the only fully automated, cloud-based mobile app security testing (MAST) solution to deliver on-demand static, dynamic, and behavioral security analysis of Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries on real devices in 15 minutes or less.

Fully AutomatedStatic + Dynamic + Behavioral Analysis

Developers outnumber application security professionals 245:1. The only way for security teams to keep up with increasing mobile app deployment frequencies and avoid being seen as an inhibitor to the business is to automate some aspects of mobile app security testing (MAST). Unlike any other MAST product or service, NowSecure AUTO is a fully automated SaaS solution that performs static, dynamic, and behavioral analysis of Android and iOS binaries on real devices on demand and in less than 15 minutes -- making both development teams and app security teams more productive.

On-demand, continuous, fully automated mobile app security testing

1-Click on-demand security testingof custom Android and iOS apps

With a simple web UI upload dashboard, you simply upload your mobile app binary (IPA or APK) and NowSecure AUTO will immediately launch a comprehensive battery of static, dynamic and behavioral tests looking for security vulnerabilities, compliance gabs and privacy leaks. In a fast 15 minutes you get a full reports with all findings with complete explanations and detailed remediation instructions. Yes this is the world's fastest automated testing with full depth of coverage.

Mobile app security testing dashboard

Accurate, fully automated mobile app security testing 8X faster & 3X deeper for 10X productivity

Fully Automated Mobile App Security Testing

Direct IntegrationWith Popular CI/CD tools

A crucial aspect of shifting left and introducing security earlier into the SDLC is integrating with development teams' existing workflows and tools. Via RESTful APIs, NowSecure AUTO integrates with popular continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Jira, BuddyBuild, and more. Automated assessments kick-off automatically with each build and populate issue trackers with findings, CVSS scores, remediation recommendations, and more.

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