NowSecure Mobile App Pen Testing as a Service

Scale security efficiently with continuous automated, manual and compliance testing optimized for time, flexibility and budget.

Pen Testing Request

NowSecure PTaaS offers a flexible mix of four pen test options (rapid, targeted, full scope and OWASP MASVS verification), wide choice of pen testing frequency and four continuous automated security testing options to meet any need efficiently and effectively. Through the NowSecure Platform portal, customers can receive standards-based assessments across validations for OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA for Google Play™, ioXt Compliance Testing and NIAP Compliance Vetting.

NowSecure Penetration Testing by the Numbers


Years of mobile app security expertise


Mobile app penetration tests completed


Standards-based verifications and certifications completed


2 days rapid scope pen tests & 2 weeks full scope pen tests

Get continuous mobile pen testing for less than the cost of a single outsourced pen test!

Built on more than 12 years of mobile app security experience and tens of thousands of mobile app pen tests performed, the NowSecure Mobile PTaaS offers a depth of automated continuous and manual testing including:

  • Periodic expert pen testing based on specific need and schedule
  • On-demand and continuous security testing integrated into CI/CD and dev toolchain
  • Automatic generation of tickets that include embedded remediation resources
  • Remediation consulting with an expert pen tester
  • Optional industry standard(s) validation certification
  • All-in-one SAST, DAST, IAST, APISec
  • Easy to use, dedicated SaaS platform