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Incident Response

Being prepared for and responding to mobile incidents requires a unique approach, technology, and expertise. Enterprises need visibility into their mobile ecosystem, where thousands of devices and mobile apps have access to personal data and proprietary information.

Gain Visibility IntoYour Mobile Ecosystem

NowSecure's Mobile Threat Assessment service provides in-depth analysis of your mobile endpoints, so you know where risk lies and how you are exposed.

dashboard showing mobile device system information
incident response flowchart

It's Not a Matter of If,But When

We prepare enterprises to respond to the inevitable: a mobile incident. We pinpoint the risk associated with devices and apps within your organization by correlating an inventory with threat and vulnerability intelligence, and then we help you develop your incident response plan. You can also use NowSecure to augment your response capabilities.

"No plan" is a bad plan

NotificationsWhen an Incident Happens

By developing a baseline of mobile risk data, you can manage trends over time and investigate incidents when they occur. The NowSecure Intelligence engine allows you to monitor app traffic destinations via IP, ISP, domain, and organization so you can identify risky behavior and quickly investigate apps communicating with unwanted sources.

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Incident Response Book Cover

We Wrote the Books onMobile Forensics + Incident Response

Led by CEO Andrew Hoog, our team of experts is versed in forensics, built open source tools like Santoku Linux, and wrote the playbook for responding to mobile incidents.

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Incident ResponseStrategy Center

NowSecure offers the ability to perform a mobile threat assessment to access the health of your mobile ecosystem, presenting you and your team with an in-depth analysis of all the devices impacting your mobile risk.

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Learn more about our incident response or proactive mobile threat assessment services

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