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Accelerate Mobile DevSecOps with Automation, Integration, & Accuracy

Automation + integration is the fastest path to mobile app DevSecOps.

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Break Down BarriersTo Mobile App DevSecOps

Overcome the hurdles of traditional application security testing. Our automated test engine eliminates false positives & week-long turnaround times by testing Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries on real devices. Build trust with developers by delivering:

  • Full "hands-free" automation
  • Accurate test results in minutes, not weeks
  • Plug-in integration to the SDLC with no new tools for developers to learn
  • Developer-friendly remediation tips with context

Shorten Time-To-ReleaseWith Security Baked In

Speed to delivery is critical for mobile apps – so is security. Seamlessly integrate with automated security testing that is purpose-built for mobile, reducing the time to identify and fix vulns. Remove bottlenecks to mobile app delivery.

Mobile App Security Testing For Mobile DevSecOps



Collapse testing from days to minutes with our automated test engine that performs triple-pass coverage of SAST, DAST, and behavioral testing and prioritizes findings by industry standard CVSS scores. Configure once and run security tests on daily builds in parallel with functional tests.


Utilize API integrations to plug into your DevOps toolchain. Kick off security tests via API call post-build and auto-populate test results with remediation tips into ticket tracking systems, enabling immediate visibility and faster fixes before pushing to production.


Our automated test engine fully exercises Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries on real devices. Automated dynamic & behavioral analysis eliminate the human error and false positives that accompany manual assessments and source code analysis.

Phases to Mobile DevSecOps

DevSecOps requires an organizational shift where security teams partner with DevOps teams to implement security controls and make security part of their everyday processes. Mobile application developers are empowered to take ownership of security testing through automated routines that fit seamlessly with the DevOps process. Done correctly, security issues are identified – and remedied – early on in the development process, resulting in few if any issues post-development or in production.

To be effective, security automation routines have to be fast. NowSecure understands anything that holds up the DevOps process is unacceptable. Our solutions deliver real value at DevOps speed, with near-zero false positives. You get accurate results fast. That’s the value of DevSecOps.

No matter where you are in the mobile appsec journey, step forward with our best-in-class mobile solution. In addition to advanced technology, our seasoned team of security professionals is here to assist every step of the way – from onboarding to ongoing training to mobile app certification. NowSecure helps drive repeatability and scalability to enable a secure mobile business.



Start with on-demand automated testing as you build a mobile security program to scale with your DevSecOps initiative. Analysts upload the .ipa/.apk binary, get full test results in 15 minutes, and review results before entering findings into the issue tracking system. Establish trust with the dev team by providing accurate findings and helpful remediation tips.


Integrate with the dev pipeline via API to automatically kick off security tests with every build. Analysts review results before submitting findings into the issue tracking system. Build out a security baseline, optimize throughput and strengthen the relationship between dev and security with speed and accuracy.


Extend the CI/CD integration into your issue tracking system via API. With security tests kicked off every build, auto-populate findings and remediation directly into your issue tracking system. Ensure repeatability, consistency and speed to delivery with security built-in.

Deliver secure mobile apps faster with security automation for DevOps.

Mobile App Security TestingKeys to Success

Integrating comprehensive, automated security testing for mobile apps during the development process requires a number of capabilities, including:

  • Ability to assess the app from the attacker’s point of view on actual iOS and Android devices – not emulators. That means providing deep static, dynamic and behavioral analysis of application binaries.
  • Sophisticated automation and intelligence to drive quality insights with near-zero false positives.
  • Detailed findings and recommendations for quick resolutions.
  • Findings mapped to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) with explanation of context and detailed remediation recommendations; it’s not enough to identify security vulnerabilities, DevOps teams need to know how to fix them.
  • Detailed reporting mapped to common regulatory compliance mandates, including OWASP, NIAP, FFIEC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CWE, and more.

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Accelerate to Mobile DevSecOps withNOWSECURE PLATFORM

Use NowSecure to remove the barriers of slow, noisy, traditional AppSec testing approaches. The NowSecure Platform is a cloud-based or on-premises, fully automated mobile application security testing solution that snaps easily into your SDLC. Powered by an aggressive attacker point of view, our intelligent automated analysis engine performs static and dynamic testing of iOS and Android mobile apps on real devices, enabling your dev team to fix vulnerabilities rapidly across mobile app security, compliance, and privacy risks.

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Automating Mobile AppSec Testing Drives HIGH VALUE RESULTS

Reap all the benefits of DevSecOps for your mobile apps. Deliver high-value security with NowSecure, driving speed, reducing costs and improving processes across your organization.


  • Securely optimize dev pipeline velocity
  • Promote continuous feedback between security and dev teams
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize security defect escape rate
  • Protect brand reputation

Mobile Security Analysts

  • Faster, repeatable workflows
  • Less time spent finding and removing false positives and writing reports
  • Clear remediation info to fix issues before released into production
  • Become trusted security advisors to dev

Mobile App Developers

  • Keep release cycles on track with fewer delays
  • Build security into dev pipeline
  • Less time hunting for false positives
  • Easy to use, no new tools to learn

DevSecOpsBridging the Cultural Divide

It's no secret that late-stage security findings have historically caused unexpected delays for mobile app development and engineering teams ready to release. It’s frustrating to spend time meticulously developing an app, making sure you hit all the requirements, only to be told at the end of the cycle you’ve got security issues to address.

NowSecure bridges the gap and brings these teams together. By bringing automation to security testing and remediation, security teams get what they’re after: secure mobile apps that won’t put customer data or the corporate reputation at risk. DevOps teams get to work at the rapid pace they’re accustomed to, and not worry about security issues cropping up late in the game and delaying app releases.

And the business doesn’t have to decide between delaying a mobile app release or releasing an app with known security problems. Everybody wins.

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By The NumbersA Firm Case for Security

Gartner estimates fewer than 20% of those deploying or planning to deploy DevOps have engaged security architects in their planning. Not surprisingly, then, Gartner also predicts only 10% of DevOps initiatives will have achieved the level of security automation required to be considered fully DevSecOps by 2019, up only 5% from 2017.

A NowSecure analysis of the top 10 downloaded apps from the top 11 categories in both the Apple App Store and Google Play ™ showed the results of this inattention to security. We determined a grade using industry-standard CVSS scores, with scores lower than 60 indicating a high degree of risk, while those scoring 80 or above are deemed low risk.

Many of the top downloaded apps were found to have high risk vulnerabilities, including insecure communications over HTTP, location data leakage, and exposure to man-in- the-middle attacks. For iOS, News, Sports, and Weather apps were weakest, but still scored higher on average than Android, for which none of the app categories had a CVSS score above 80.

That’s a situation that demands attention because security trade-offs and incomplete vetting processes can result in financial ramifications for companies forced to clean up after embarrassing mobile app data privacy breaches or leaks.

At the same time, for many organizations mobile apps contribute prominently to their growth, revenue and brand. Mobile app developers need to consider how to incorporate security into their DevOps routines, to ensure apps are fully secured – without creating a drag on the efficiency DevOps brings.

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Mobile App Store Security Scores

A Phased Approach to DevSecOps

Implementing DevSecOps is an evolution, and as the Gartner numbers above make clear, we’re only at the beginning phases.

A sound approach to implementing DevSecOps for mobile apps should encompass three phases:

Phase 1: Automate
Organizations that have a mobile app security program typically rely on static source code analysis tools. This approach won’t cut it in a DevOps for mobile apps environment – automation is required.

Key considerations in terms of incorporating automation include:

  • Combining static, dynamic and behavioral mobile app vulnerability tests on real devices to automate the validation process and exclude false positives.
  • Consistent testing of the full mobile attack surface including data at rest, data in motion, and code quality.
  • Detailed remediation instructions for developers, and auto-generated, customizable reports, giving time and energy back to security analysts.


Phase 2: Integrate
Next is the integration of mobile app security automation routines into existing DevOps processes. This should be straightforward, given existing tools are built to be extended and integrated with others. The purpose of integrating automated tools into the toolchain is to accelerate DevOps teams’ ability to maintain forward momentum.

For example, integrating mobile app security testing within issue-tracking software, such as Jira, allows test results to automatically generate tickets for vulnerabilities. Tickets should include remediation instructions so developers can quickly locate and fix issues – without the need to learn a new security tool.

Phase 3 - Accelerate
Removing manual security testing enables DevOps teams to accelerate the security testing process – think of it as security testing at DevOps speed. What’s more, integrating mobile app security testing into the development toolchain and release cycle will help security teams come away with a better understanding of the development and operational processes.

Learn more about how to incorporate security into DevOps for mobile apps in our free e-book, “Phased Approach to Securing DevOps for Mobile Apps.”

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