NowSecure Debuts New OWASP New MASVS Mobile Pen Test From NowSecure MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

NowSecure Debuts New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

This blog post covers NowSecure’s New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests. To support the needs of the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) security requirements, NowSecure recently expanded its expert mobile application penetration tests to offer OWASP MASVS compliance and incorporated OWASP MASVS findings into NowSecure Platform software for automated mobile application security testing.

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The world's most demanding organizations and advanced security teams trust NowSecure for mobile app security testing of custom-developed, commercial, and business-critical mobile apps.

Top banks trust NowSecure for automated mobile app security testing of custom-developed, business-critical mobile apps.

NowSecure has specialized in mobile for over 10 years, having written the first books on mobile forensics in 2009.

NowSecure has performed over 10,000 mobile app penetration tests, ensuring comprehensive coverage and adherence to scope.

What our clients say
“As we continue to accelerate our focus on deeper security practices; we are excited to partner with NowSecure. As a recognized authority on mobile app security, I’m confident the collaboration with them will be a key piece of ensuring the security of our mobile apps going forward.”
- Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO, Zoom
“NowSecure continuously monitors The Habit Mastery app for security and privacy vulnerabilities and gives it a clean bill of health, giving our users confidence that their data is secure while they build and maintain positive habits.”
- Sharon Lipinski, Founder and CEO, Habit Mastery Consulting

Case Study: Camelot Lottery

NowSecure Platform automates security testing throughout our DevSecOps pipeline from the build process all the way to issues ticketing.
Dmytro Bezpalyi Security Engineer, Camelot Lottery Solutions

Case Study: Tidepool

NowSecure Workstation enables me to provide fast assessments to my team on a number of key mobile app security features.”
Ben Derr Security Engineer, Tidepool

Case Study: LifeOmic

NowSecure has been a huge benefit because it saves a lot of time and gives us peace of mind knowing we have continuous testing coverage.
Joe DiMarzio Senior Product Security Engineer
Caribou White

Case Study: Caribou Coffee

One of the best things about moving to NowSecure is not having to fan through a 110-page security audit to figure out what bugs and security issues you need to address.
Eric Caron Senior Director of IT Solutions

Case Study: FinTech

NowSecure mobile appsec testing frees up my time and gives me peace of mind.
Application Security Architect

Case Study: MyOwnMed

We reached out to NowSecure and were pleased that they rapidly responded in 24 hours to test our mobile app so we could speed it to market from start to finish in just a few weeks.
Vicki Seyfert-Margolis CEO

Case Study: Vaporstream

It’s a significant relief for the team when an independent third party like NowSecure tests the app and certifies that both the code and the DevOps side of our production implementation are secure.”
Avi Elkoni CTO

Case Study: U.S. Marshals Service

We rarely get things that are ready to go out of the box, but when we received the NowSecure solution, we were up and running the same day."
Derrick Smith CEO, NSight365

Case Study: MyOwnMed

We reached out to NowSecure and were pleased that they rapidly responded in 24 hours to test our mobile app so we could speed it to market from start to finish in just a few weeks.
Vicki Seyfert-Margolis CEO

Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

IDC named NowSecure a Leader in 2 Marketscape reports for MAST. See NowSecure in action.

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