### We have released AFLogical䋢 Open Source Edition on our GitHub. The Open Source Edition has been released for use by non-law enforcement personnel, Android aficionados, and forensics gurus alike.

Better yet, download the free, open source Santoku Linux distribution, which includes AFLogical䋢 OSE (among many other mobile forensics, mobile malware analysis, and mobile security tools).

Our full AFLogical䋢 remains freely available to law enforcement personnel and can be requested online. You can simplify the acquisition and analysis with our Android forensics software, viaExtract. viaExtract uses AFLogical䋢 along side a variety of other tools, including passcode bypass and the Sleuth Kit Timeline, to provide you with a detailed forensic analysis of Android devices.

You can follow us on Twitter (@viaForensics) and say hi.

Screenshots of AFLogical䋢 OSE in action:

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