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AFLogical Step by Step

To use the Logical Android Forensics application, please follow these steps: [security-message p=AFLogical] [level-aflogical]

  1. Ensure Android device has USB Debugging turned on. To determine this, Navigate to Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging. (make sure the box next to USB debugging is checked.)
  2. Ensure forensics workstation has Android USB drives properly installed and working. Follow this link to determine USB drivers
  3. Download AFLogical application at (Make sure you are logged in)
  4. Remove users’ SD Card and install examiners SD Card into phone
  5. Connect Android device to forensic workstation
  6. From cmd prompt, type the following
     adb devices
            adb install AndroidForensics.apk
            adb shell am start -n
  7. On device, viaForensic app should be running, select Capture
  8. [Optional] Create directory on workstation to receive files, for example c:\temp\af
  9. [Optional] From cmd prompt:
     adb pull /sdcard/forensics c:\temp\af
  10. From cmd prompt:
    adb uninstall
  11. Disconnect Android device
  12. Files are on SD Card root in folder called forensics and then named after date/time of acquisition. Or files are in workstation folder if followed above Optional steps.